Tips for Comfortable Camper Living in a Cold Winter

Without any doubt, winter is truly the most beautiful and ideal time to visit any country. From icy lakes to snow-peaked mountains, the winter can turn everything around into a beautiful and mesmerizing sea of white. Although unfavorable conditions are always there to follow you during cold times. But you shouldn’t allow the lower temperatures to become a determining factor whether or not to enjoy winter RV living. However, to make your experience more amazing you need to know how to winterize a camper to live in.

1. Is Winter Camping for You?

If you have the courage and passion to enjoy the beauty around or travel to your preferred places in the cold weather then winter camping is definitely meant for you. Just keep in mind the fact that you need some planning to enjoy winter camping at its fullest. Living fulltime in an RV in winter can be an amazing experience if you are well-prepared for this.

2. Get in a “cold” mindset

It is always better to prepare yourself to be uncomfortable and cold while living in an RV year-round. It is because by doing this, you can make yourself think that it’s not that bad. Just relax your brain and muscles forcibly by not being tensed can be the best way to stay calm and relax.

3. Insulate the windows and floors

Most of the people want to know how to insulate a camper for winter use. Well, there are multiple ways that can be the best for you to know how to insulate an RV for winter use.

 You can easily add thermal curtains or rugs to keep cold air out of your camper. Even more, the addition of thick rugs on the floor will also let you have a comfortable experience with ease.

  • Dual pane windows: Windows are usually more heat stealers. Therefore, you can protect the warmness of your camper by considering dual pane windows for it.
  • Vent cushions: Does the roof of your RV has skylights or vents? It is also important to seal it off. Because similar to your windows these can also steal your heart. So, make sure to add vent cushions here to keep cold air out and hot air inside with rase.
  • Insulated underbelly: the insulating underbelly of your RV is also important. Although you can do it yourself it is always better to let a professional do this for you.
  • Use an RV skirt: whether you want to get a prettier look of your RV or want to insulate it perfectly, putting an RV skirt can be the best idea to do this.

4. Make Sure You Have Enough Propane on Hand

  • If you are planning on staying in one spot for any length of time, then it is strongly suggested to keep a large propane tank on hand.
  • However, it is also highly recommended to have a spare full propane tank in the storage. This will help you if you are going to be stuck in a situation when it is difficult for you to get a local refill station.

5. The Water Supply System

If you want to ensure the longevity of your hoses and pipes then prepare the plumbing for cold months. For this you have to consider the following things:

Get your pipes ready:

It is always important for you to understand how to keep RV pipes from freezing while camping. Therefore, here we have brought some best ways to do so effectively.

  • Prepare your hookups for the cold: if you are in the area where the freezing temperature is quite normal then it is important for you to make sure your hookups are well-prepared for cold. Insulate any exposed water pipe and wrap it carefully with the insulation. For more satisfaction, you can also use the foam board to insulate these.
  • Disconnect Outside Water Line: outside water lines can be a major problem therefore; it is always important to disconnect these properly. However, if you don’t want to disconnect these then make sure to invest in a Pipe Heating Cable or a heated water hose to keep your RV warm perfectly. However, keep in mind the fact that if you go with a heated water hose, they tend to stop working at the most inconvenient time.
  • Insulate Plumbing Lines: freezing or bursting pipelines are the biggest fear while camping in winters. Therefore, it is always important to insulate these properly to stop the happening of this form. Make sure to insulate plumbing lines properly. It can be hard so, be patient while doing this.

Insulate your water heater

You can use insulation blankets for your water heater to ensure higher temperatures of your water for longer. Although the water heater comes with the main purpose of keeping the water hot but even in the best water heaters, water gets cold in the freezing temperatures. So, it can be effective to cover your water heater with an insulation blanket.

6. The Sewage System

It is recommended that you do not leave your black tanks open in the winter. This is because it freezes in the pipes and can cause problems. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you leave them all closed and open them only when you need to empty your tanks. However, to ensure a quick hose drain, make sure to build a downhill track for this out of cheap cinder blocks and vinyl guttering.

Even more, sewer hose which is running under the RV’s bottom will be fully enclosed and keep striking. Therefore, frozen sewage can never be a problem because striking will keep it warm enough.

7. Keep your slides warm

Many of the people who are having RVs do not buy slide rigs because of their hassle. However, if you want to keep your RV super warm then you can easily use foam board insulation to attach on the slides. This will not only save you from much effort but will also help you to keep your RV warmer for a long time.

8. Portable Space Heaters

Well, this tip may seem quite obvious but it has the ability to keep you and your RV warm perfectly. If your RV does not have any fireplace then it is essential to invest in portable space heaters. Because these can help you in the best possible way to combat freezing temperatures.

9. Bake Something

Cooking something which involves the use of stove can provide you double benefits. It will not only help you to get some fresh food to eat but will also heat up your RV by burning the stove with ease. Even after baking has been done and the stove is off, you can leave its door open to fill your place with residual heat.

10. Sleep inside a thermal sleeping bag

Although more commonly these sleeping bags are being used to sleep under the open sky or inside a tent. While sleeping inside a thermal sleeping bag in your camper will improve your body temperature and your RV too. Make sure to invest in the best thermal sleeping bag to enjoy a comfortable experience.


It is always important to make your RV a comfortable place for you. Because when you are more comfortable living with your camper then ultimately, you will be more able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty around you. The cold weather is always a more stunning time to enjoy camping and exploring the beauty around you. So, just be prepared to explore more.

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