Starting Our Journey

We decided to go back on the road. We did it once before in 2014. We left Wisconsin on Sunday, April 30th and arrived in Grain Valley, MO at 2am on Monday, May 1st. We decided to make the trip in one day instead of breaking it up into multiple days. We did this so we could avoid driving through Kansas City during the busy part.

We are starting our first workamping job at Trailside RV Park. It’s a nice park with lots of trees and a pool! The operators of the park are Angela & Paul Betts. They are really nice to work for and we like working for them. We worked for them last time we were full-timing.

I like the campground It is far enough away from Kansas City but close enough where we can easily go and site see. We didn’t get to do a lot of site seeing last time we were here because we had issues with the vehicle. So all our spare cash went to that. This time we are better prepared and ready to go.

Glenn is done with school for the summer already, so he really enjoying not doing school work. I love his school and the fact that we can take it on the road with us.

Eventually, our goal is to have a successful Virtual Assistant business going so fund our travels. Until then, we are planning on workamping to accomplish that.

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