Family Fun

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to go hiking and geocaching. Hiking is one of my favorite forms of exercise. Not to mention, it is a great activity when you don’t want to spend any money or don’t want to be around people.

Today’s hiking adventures took us to Lake Jacomo in Fleming Park in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We chose our area based on the amount of geocaches that were available on the trails.

Unfortunately, our first cache of the day was a DNF (Did Not Find). Judging from the amount of beer bottles there were just laying around; our guess is some kids found it while partying and threw it into the lake (be we could be mistaken). It is so frustrating to see how much people just leave their trash all over the trails. The view of the lake was pretty though!

The 2nd geocache that we found was pretty cool. The name of the cache was called Itsy Bitsy Spider. We had to do some bushwacking to get to it, but it was a lot of fun. We did find a pocket knife that someone else must have lost while wandering off the trails. It was a spider that was tied to a tree with a geocache container in it.

The 3rd geocache that we found was called Froggie’s Demise. This was another one that we had to do some bushwacking to find. Definitely well worth it though! This was of course shaped like a frog. We found the frog in a tree with a geocache container sticking out of its mouth. Definitely, one of the cuter geocaches we have found!

We found some cool ghost plants/ Indian Pipes. These are pretty rare to find, and I think they are pretty cool. They are typically white although they sometimes have a pinkish color to them. They get their white look because they don’t use photosynthesis like other plants, so they lack chlorophyll. Basically, they are a parasite feeding on nutrients from decaying plant matter in the form of rotting logs or stumps.

We ended our hiking trip trying to find one more geocache that was also a DNF, but at least we had fun trying!

We ended our day by checking out the elk and bisson that are at Fleming Park and then went home.

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