Inside of RV with slide out

The Pros and Cons of RV Slides

When you first viewed the interior of an RV with a slide, you probably were shocked by all the room inside.

Yes, it’s a huge improvement. An RV slide makes even a 25-footer seem considerably larger.

Is there a problem with the RV slides? Not at all. But they can have serious drawbacks.

We clearly know that the majority of RV brands are known for producing low-quality, short-lived products.

A big RV slide with only a teeny tiny motor and major earthquakes on every trip is a recipe for disaster.

What Is An RV Slide?

An RV slide out is a room partition that expands the living area of your vehicle. As a general rule, they are found in almost all RVs now on the market: from motorhomes to toy haulers.

While hauling an RV, you cannot open the RV’s slide-outs.

How Does an RV Slide Out Work?

Based on if your camper is set up for camping or traveling, RV slide outs can be extended or retracted. When the slide is retracted or expanded by pressing a button on your RV’s control center, the electrical system is activated. Hydraulic or manual mechanical RV slide outs are also available.

Slides can be pushed or pulled off of their tracks with a pump, electricity, or even your bare hands, depending on the sort of slide you have. They are designed to distribute weight equally and to move easily. Slide-outs in RVs are typically equipped with furniture or other items that expand when they’re pushed outward, creating additional inside space for your RV.

In order to keep your RV as aerodynamic as possible, it’s best to store the slide in the retracted position while you’re not in use. With the slide out open, driving an RV can be risky for both you and other drivers on the road. Extending your RV slide out only makes sense when you’re getting ready to go camping and need more internal room. In some cases, extending a slide might offer more room.

Look at the pros and cons of the infamous RV slide below.


There are, of course, advantages. A few examples:

Creates Extra Space

Isn’t this the obvious advantage? RV slides increase the amount of room in a vehicle that is already modest. This is especially useful if you go camping frequently or for an extended period of time. RVing full-time or with a family can benefit much from it.

More Windows?

Side windows may be added to some RV slides. The side windows may open up a room and increase the amount of natural light and ventilation. In the countryside, having more windows is a big help.

Unit Size

It’s possible to have a smaller RV if one has the ability to expand the inside space. Shorter RVs make driving and maneuvering much easier.


After the positives, here are a few negatives. There are a lot. In my opinion, they’re not worth it for me. I’ll provide you with an example of this:

Maintenance and Repair

Slides have a terrible track record when it comes to problems. When they don’t operate correctly, they may be a real pain in the neck.

Lubrication is critical, as the engine might fail or leak, the track could go astray, the hydraulic lines can burst, and so on and so forth.

Slide Toppers

When the slide is deployed, it has small awnings that automatically open. It’s imperative that you keep an eye on the slide’s roof in bad weather to ensure that leaves, water, and other debris don’t fall on it.

It’s possible for water to collect. Before you bring in your slide, you must remove the water from it. Otherwise, the water will come in with the slide. Snow should not be allowed to accumulate on your roof. 

When it’s windy, it’s the worst. You may be unable to sleep because of the flapping sounds. It’s common for RVers to open their slide-outs when the weather is windy enough so they don’t have to deal with the noise. Inconvenient to say the least.


Another important issue is leaking. If you’ve ever driven a recreational vehicle, you know that water is also its greatest enemy. Slide leaks are not unheard of. To avoid further water damage, it is imperative that you patch any leaks as soon as possible.


It’s common for RV slides to be less adequately insulated than the body of the vehicle. Air can pass through the joints. In other words, therefore the more slides you have, the lower the insulation level of your rig will be. 

Bugs and rodents may also have a quicker time coming inside the camper. RVs’ number-two opponent is likely to be rodents.


RV slide-outs are hefty, cumbersome creatures. Consequently, the weight of an RV with a slide is more than that of an RV without a slide. As a result, you’ll require a larger tow vehicle, and that your RV’s cargo capacity is going to be reduced as a result of this change. There’s also a lot more area for it now, which is a plus!


Carrying too much weight on a slide is dangerous. Slides may have already thrown the RV out of whack. When you add a lot of weight to the sliding region, you’ll see it fail quickly.

Campground Spaces

In some campgrounds, you may not have enough space to fully deploy your RV slide or slides. Not exaggerating at all here! In some campgrounds, two RVs with slides adjacent to each other can’t fit. True, but sad.

Access When Traveling

When buying an RV, this is one of the most overlooked considerations. During a road trip, are you able to go inside the RV, the bathroom, and anything else you might need if the slides are in? 

As a result, this can be a major hassle on the road for those who cannot. If you absolutely must have slides, look for an RV that still allows you to get to the most vital parts of the vehicle while they are retracted.

Extra Chore To Set Up/Tear Down

For those who aren’t really active, it might not be an issue. If you frequently camp and/or relocate, this might be a problem. If you don’t think it’s a big deal, remember that it’s yet another step in the process.


What Is My RV Slide Out Weight Limit?

The furniture and other RV components that are transported in them are supported by the RV slides. Do not hesitate to use the sofa, dining area, or any other piece of furniture linked to your RV slide out! After all, these robust slides are made to endure regular usage by RVers who want to make use of their RV’s additional living space.

Slide outs in most RVs and campers don’t need additional support under them unless your owner’s handbook states differently. 

In spite of the fact that your RV slide may appear to be floating in the air, it is really constructed and housed with additional structural support in mind. A typical RV slide-out weighs between 600 to 1500 pounds, and bigger RVs may have much greater limits.

In Conclusion

When they’re operating, RV slides are fantastic. They can be a tremendous hassle to deal with when they have problems. And there are many who adore their RV Slides despite the negative aspects.

You’ll have more room to work with if you buy an RV with a slide. You don’t have to deal with the upkeep, repairs, and the chance of getting stranded somewhere when your slide won’t retract if you buy one without them. ‘

It’s up to you! Buy yourself an RV right now. We don’t recommend RV slides, but if you must have them, by all means, do so!

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