Why You’ll Love RV Life on The Road

Did you know, approximately 10 million American households own an RV? And more than 1 million Americans live in one full time? Even President Trump has stated that he’d like to drive around town in an RV with the first lady.

I love traveling in RV. I didn’t always. And you might think that I’m a “free bird”, that I don’t like the monotony of a normal family, job and a house.

The truth is, I don’t have anything against living a stationary life. I have a wife and a kid, just like most people. I used to love the life that me and my wife had made together. But looking back, I find the full-time RV lifestyle better than the life we had. And although it is a road less traveled, I suggest everyone to at least try the RV life. If you like it, fine. If you don’t like it, that’s also fine.  

RVs or recreational vehicles are a great way to travel and live life fully. You can travel to different places, meet new people. You can live on a modest budget. The possibilities are endless.

But is life on the road really right for you? Well, that’s for you to decide. In this article, I’ll tell you why you’ll love RV life on the road according to my personal experience. 

Reasons Why You’ll Love RV Life On the Road

1. The ability to travel anywhere

When you’re a student, or in college, life is much easier. You don’t have the responsibilities of life riding you. When I was in college, I used to think life would always be just like that. I thought I would travel the world.

But as you can imagine, those dreams never come true. As soon as you graduate, life as you knew it, is gone.

Most people get married, buy a house, and pay the mortgage for the rest of their lives. And that would happen to me too, had I not become an RV traveler. 

The average people don’t get to travel that much. Life wears them down. They live in one place and die in one place. 

I was born in northern Wisconsin. My husband and I decided that we couldn’t stand Wisconsin winters. Finally, we decided to do something about it. I’m not going to say that it has been easy, but it helped save our marriage and brought us closer together as a couple.

The ability to see all the new places has been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. And the best part is we aren’t finished. There are so many other places we want to see.

2. Living on a modest budget

How many people spend their lives paying off mortgages or rent? Almost everyone we know. That’s because houses are expensive. 

I’m not against houses. Houses offer comfort, stability, and security. And here’s the catch. So does RVs.

When we bought our RV, we paid $3500. We got a really great deal on a 24′ travel trailer. It’s not new by any means but it works for us. 

We don’t have to pay utility bills or any mortgages. Our RV is paid off. I cannot stress this enough, but mortgages are a huge pressure. Living the RV life has made us carefree and healthier. We live a comfortable yet modest life. 

You can park your RV in so many places for free. Parking fees are relatively low, with electricity, water, and access to sewage dump stations.

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3. You’ll see your family more often

Most people live their lives in a straight line. They live with their parents till they’re 18, then they move out and get married. When their children turn 18, they do the same. How many of us really stay in touch with our parents? Or siblings? Or friends?

We don’t, because it’s not convenient. Neither do we have the time. 

Many RV travelers stated that they see more of their parents or kids or even grandkids, now that they’re on the road. I can vouch for that. RVers don’t live life in a straight line. You can see your relatives whenever you feel like it. You can even travel with them.

4. Good food

The importance of good food cannot be overstated.  When you travel in an RV, you open yourself up to the great cuisines that are all around the country that you may not have had the chance to try otherwise. 

Fellow RV travelers will say this, that RV life is only half full without all the great food. Wherever you go, you’ll get to explore the different recipes and cuisines that are available to you. For me, the Lobsters in Maine, or Oysters in the Northwest, or the Salmons of Alaska, don’t get any better than that. 

The RV life lets you travel to different places frequently. You could very well wake up for breakfast in one place, and go for dinner in another.

You also get the freshest food, because you don’t depend on Supermarkets. 

5. Different People

Because of our life on the road, we always meet new people. We have friends in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. All of them are RV travelers that we have met on the road. 

When you’re traveling in your motorhome, you have a chance to meet real people. Not just regular friends and family. You spend a lot less time with them, so you learn to cherish every experience and memory you make with them. I live my life more properly now. RV has made me realize that life is small and simple, and happiness is in the small things and gestures. I’ve learned to be cautious as well as humble.

6. Learning the value of everything

When you live the RV life, you learn to live with the absolute basic elements of life. You get accustomed to less, and you value things more. 

Living on the road, I realized how I would’ve lived my life. I would spend my life in my job, my son would barely see me, and I would’ve missed the most important experiences in his life.

RV life teaches you to value experience over materials, and relationships over work. And that’s what the RV life is truly all about. Not buying a lot of things or having an expensive house or car. It’s about living life with my family and experiencing the world together.

7. You can earn from home

RV life may seem like a nomadic way of living life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have normal experiences like having a job. Just because you’re on the RV doesn’t mean you can run from responsibilities. You need money to live. And you can earn money from home. 

Yes, you can earn from your RV. There are lots of ways RV travelers earn money while being on the road. Such as temp jobs, or businesses. You can even earn money from online businesses. 

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Let me give you one last piece of information. Over the last 10 years, I’ve met thousands of RVers. Most of them have loved the way of life, although there were a few who decided that the lifestyle was not for them.

Am I always going to be on the road? No. I’ll probably settle down and buy a house someday. But till then, I love my RV life on the road. And it is an amazing life choice that works for us. It has given us so many experiences, I feel one lifetime isn’t enough to contain them.

I hope I’ve been helpful in giving you accurate information about the RV life and why you’ll love RV life on the road.    

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