7 RV Internet Solutions to Keep You Connected on the Road

Do you want to travel fulltime without compromising on your job or business? It is possible and easy nowadays. A Recreational Vehicle or famously known RV is a tiny home that can facilitate you, no matter where you go. Connecting to the internet and remain connected is a concern for many of us while traveling for long.

But not now, even if you are a freelancer, a businessman or an e-commerce holder who needs a robust and reliable connection always because you can travel in an RV and remain 24/7 connected to the road and internet simultaneously. We are telling you seven solutions to stay connected to the internet while traveling.

RV Internet Solutions

Solution #1 – Using Verizon Cellular Mobile Hotspot

You can get hotspot internet packages from Verizon and get yourself connected wherever you go. Smartphones with WiFi hotspots are fairly common nowadays. Almost all Verizon phones come up with wifi hotspot and Verizon data plans allow you to convert your phone into a Wifi hotspot and remain connected on the go.

Solution #2 – Additional Mobile Hotspot Connection through Verizon Wireless (Jetpack)

Using a number of devices with cellular hotspot can drain the phone battery quickly. If you are a frequent traveler or considering to travel on a regular basis. It would be wise to invest in a wireless Jetpack. Wireless jet packs are available nowadays from a number of ISPs but remain the most advisable from Verizon because of its sufficient coverage and reliable connectivity.

Verizon Jet packs are fairly reasonable. And you can buy its connection starting at $100 only. A reasonable package with 60 GB of data for up to 4 devices is probably $110.

Therefore, we would advise you to assess your needs and estimate a suitable plan for you. If you want to do your job and few emails a small data plan with a few GBs of data might suffice. But if you are an entertainment freak using Netflix, YouTube or running a vlog it would be better to consider a reasonable data plan.

Another thing to keep in mind while buying a data plan is to consider whether the data is for phone use or its hotspot or tetherable! If you buy data that can not be shared on many devices, you might run into frustration at the time of need. So, think earlier.

Solution #3 – Signal Booster for Cellular Device (weBoost)

Running into an area with signal drops is a major problem during traveling. Getting your car down in an area where you can not even call the mechanic for help could be seriously problematic. weBoost Drive 3G-S can help you get signals in such a situation therefore it is a must buy. This device can boost the weak signal to up to 32x strength and enable you to call for help. Smart right! I knew it. But remember that the device can not help if you have exactly 0 (zero) signals and it works for one cell phone at a time.

Solution #4 – weBoost Drive 4G-M 470108 Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you have a number of the phone which all needs a strong signal, it is recommended to consider the elder brother to weBoost drive 3G-S cellular – the weBoost Drive 4G-M 470108 (Vehicle cell phones’ signal booster). This device can work for a number of cell phones- almost all of which could be in an RV. The devices are tested for up to 10 devices signal but it possibly boosts the signal for all devices present nearby due to its strong transmitter

Solution #5 – Lightning Digital AV Adapter for Apple Devices

A small yet innovative solution is present for Apple users- the Lightning Digital AV adapter. This convenient device can help you connect your Apple iPhone or iPad to an external displace via HDMI port. Thus, it can save a lot of internet costs that might occur otherwise, and this cost can be even higher if you are not using a hotspot data plan.

Solution #6 – Satellite Internet

If you are not satisfied with any of these solutions presented above and want an extremely reliable solution and want to stay in a destination for a long time. You might want a satellite internet connection. These connections are one of the best and costliest but these connections provide you connectivity a nearly any place on the earth.

Solution #7 – Free Wifi Hotspot

The solution we are presenting in last can be called a poor man’s heaven and this solution can work if you don’t have any money. The cheapest option to use is free wifi hotspot that is given by hotels, public service and government.


There are many ways that you can get internet in your RV. I hope that this gives you some ideas to start with. How do you stay connected on the road?

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