The Best 17 RV Life Hacks

Going camping in RVs is a surging trend in recent years. It is an excellent way to refresh your mind, to become more intimate with nature. At the same time, you can have almost all the amenities of a home in your RV.

Going camping in your RV is fun and all, but it also comes with some challenges. Your motorhome can’t provide you with all the facilities you need for your camping trip. But you can make an RV adventure trip much happier, more comfortable, and cleaner with some clever RV life hacks.

We’ve come up with a list of best 17 RV life hacks that are easy and cheap. All of them don’t need any expensive tools, and you can find all the materials you need in any super shop or hardware store near you.   

Best 17 RV Life Hacks

1. Hang Everything Using Adhesive Hooks!

Adhesive hooks are incredibly convenient for RV owners, especially if your RV has a small storage space. You can attach them on any surface. Once attached, you never need to worry about it coming off. You can hang your coats, clothes, towels, umbrellas, robes along with a wide variety of items on them.  No tools are needed.

2. Make an RV Ladder-Mounted Outdoor Table

You can make a DIY foldable table mounted on your RV ladder. Nothing fancy is needed to make it. Just a sheet of plywood will work just fine. This table is handy if you are in a mood to enjoy your meal outside. Just bring some lawn chairs, and you are set to enjoy your meal outdoors. They also add some extra storage space.

3. Use Silica Gel Packets to Keep Storage Spaces Dry

Silica gel packets are a very common thing. You must’ve noticed small packets inside the boxes for shipping or in new electronics packaging, or in a pill storage box or in new bags or purses. They are used to absorb the moisture inside the packaging or the bag and prevent any type of damage caused by moisture or due to condensation.

Put a small silica gel packet inside the kitchen appliances drawer, storage cabinet, spice cabinet, closets, luggage, toolbox, or the RV battery bank storage compartment to keep the space dry, especially for a highly humid environment. But keep them in a safe place away from children or pets. Ingestion of silica gel can be deadly.

4. Styrofoam Insulation Inside Your RV

Styrofoam has excellent insulation quality. Simply cover your RV door and windows with Styrofoam pieces and put some tape. It is a great way of controlling temperature inside your RV. It is cheap and saves you some propane money to heat your RV in a cold climate. 

5. Use Foldable Laundry Basket as Trash Can

This one is a must-do hack for every RV owner.  They are cheap, reusable, and you can find them in almost every supermarket. You can use it as trash cans when camping. These laundry baskets are small, and will fit in the RV. And when you are not using it, simply just fold it and store it.

6. Use Door Pocket Organizers

Door pocket organizers are a great way to keep your flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen, face wash organized. You can also attach them to your RV door or in your RVs closet door to keep your utilities & beauty products organized. You can get these pocket organizers in different sizes, and they are cheap.

7.  Build a Removable PVC Hammock for Your RV

Build a hammock using PVC pipes. They are sturdy, durable, and comfortable. Build a front seat hammock using PVC pipes. It adds additional sleeping space for your RV.

8.  Vent cushions for Better Insulation

Vent cushions are another way to save some propane money for heating in winter. Most RVs are not well insulated like houses. Vent cushions go a long way to reduce heat loss and maintain your RVs temperature. These cushions are cheap, and you can find them in almost any superstore RV section.  

9. Keep Critters Away with Just A Bar of Irish Spring Soap

When you go camping, enjoy the beautiful moon or take a nap beneath a tree, keep your RV hood open. This is a small trick that RV owners use to keep rats away from eating away your vehicle’s wiring. Rats and mice love small, dark, and cramped places. Leaving the hood open keeps those critters away from feasting on your vehicle wires.

For added protection, keep a bar of Irish Spring Soap. Rats and mice hate its smell. 

10. Make an Ambient Light and Brighten Up the Night

Relaxing outdoors at night? Brightens up your mood with some ambient light. All you need is some type of light source, whether it is a torch or your phone’s flashlight and a bucket filled with water. Even a plastic bottle will do the trick. Just strap the light source onto the bucket. The water will diffuse the light and fill the surrounding with ambient light.

11. Turn Your Shower Room Into A Closet

Sometimes, the storage space of your RV is just not enough. You can add some extra storage only by hanging a suspension rod in the shower. Hang your coats, robes, shirts on your new closet.

12. Install LED Lights in Dark Spaces

This is another popular RV life hack. Place small battery-powered LED lights in places like drawers, cabinets, near the control panel, or underside of a shelf. Put some type of adhesive on one side so that they stick to the surface. They provide excellent convenience in the dark or at night time by lighting up.

13. Zip Ties for Cable Management

This cheap tool can be used in many creative ways. The most popular use of zip ties is for cable management. Use zip ties around your messy, unorganized cables in your RV, and with a touch of some creativity, you can turn your cable management into a work of art. Zip ties are inexpensive, and you can buy a heap of them in almost any hardware store. 

14. Hang Shower Products Using Name Tag Holders

Hang your shower products using name tag clips from the shower curtain rod. This way, they will be within your reach while showering. You don’t need to worry about them falling on the ground even when you are cruising on your RV.

15. Use Square Containers for Proper Space Utilization

Most RVs don’t have a lot of storage space. So, proper utilization of the available space is crucial. Use square containers instead of round ones. This will help you a lot towards the appropriate utilization of available storage space.

16. Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder to Keep Your Toothbrush Secure

This toothbrush holder will keep your toothbrush secure during your camping days. You can stick the toothbrush holder on any surface, and the suction cups will ensure the safety of your toothbrush from falling. 

17. Install Hooks Under Kitchen Cabinet

In most cases, kitchen cabinet storage space in RVs is not enough. A lot of kitchen cabinet space is taken by the mugs and cups. So instead of filling the kitchen cabinet with mugs and cups, just install hooks below the cabinet. They can hold all your cups and mugs safely even when you are on the road.


RVs may have brought about a revolutionary change in camping, but they have some limitations. For example, in most RVs, the storage space is not enough. You can overcome these limitations with some clever RV life hacks and take your camping experience into a whole new level.Thanks for going through the entire article. Try these easy, and inexpensive RV life hacks yourself. You won’t regret doing any of the RV hacks in our list, you have our assurance. Travel safe and enjoy your RV life.

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