This is How Often You Should Replace RV Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. You should remember that without the tires your RV is going nowhere and you will be stranded in one place. So, taking care of your RV tires are essential for any present or future owner of an RV or Recreational Vehicle. 

Although there are a variety of factors that come into play when deciding on how often should RV tires be replaced, for most people it can range from anywhere between 5 to 10 years.

In this article, we will look into details as to when it is the best time to change your RV tires. We would also like to provide you many tips on RV tires so that you enjoy your recreational vacation in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Why should you replace your RV tires?

RV tires, if not replaced when needed, can cause serious damage to your RV and people around it. It is a known fact that blown RV tires have ripped through RV floors and caused serious damage to properties around it. So, you should always check for signs of wear and damage to your RV tires before it is too late and causes serious damage through the blowout.

Your RV tires can destroy your RV adventure and become a costly problem if not replaced on time and create unnecessary damage which will later need to be repaired and result in costly repair costs. 

What to do when RV tires blow out?

If in case your RV tires blow out then you should immediately stop driving and park your RV by the roadside and take necessary actions to replace them. RV tires have been known to blow out and cause fire and permanent damage to many recreational vehicles. So, park as soon as you can. 

The longevity of RV Tires

Each RV Tires have different Longevity or lifespan. The longevity of RV tires depends on its wear and use, the air pressure in the tire, the model, and make of the RV. Since Recreational vehicles are not used as often as regular vehicles, their tires usually have higher longevity than normal cars.

You should also ensure that your recreational vehicles or RV are not overloaded, overloading your RV can lead to quicker deterioration of your RV tires as different tires have different weight and distribution limits.

Reasons your RV tires might be damaged

Your RV tires can be damaged for a variety of reasons, primarily according to its usage. The damage to your RV tires can happen faster in hot and warm weather than in cooler temperature as tires exposed to sunlight and heat can deteriorate faster. 

It is also sometimes the case that when your RV has been stationary for a long time, you still might need to change your recreational vehicle’s tires because RV tires are known to deteriorate more quickly when stationary. It is a known fact that when tires sit they are more likely to age quickly. 

How often should RV tires be replaced?

Although RV tires last a long time, usually 6 – 10 years, you might need to change them more often than you think. You should change your tires every 5 years as tires older than that have increased chances of failing.  

It is still important that you do proper tire maintenance and repair for the best longevity. The best solution is to check for changes in tire’s condition each time before and after your RV goes for a ride.

You should observe each tire and determine its condition for cracks and other wear and tear. This will help you determine if your recreational vehicle needs a tire change.

You can also figure out the age of each tire by looking at its identification number. The identification number usually tells when the tire was manufactured. This will help you determine when your tire was made and how many years it has been used. This will make it easy for you to understand if your recreational vehicle’s tire needs a change.

RV Tires and Truck Tires

There sometimes can be no real difference between your RV tire and your truck tire. It all depends on the model of your particular RV or Truck. Sometimes RV tires and Truck tires can also be interchangeable. Some RV tires are UV resistant because a recreational vehicle is usually parked outside while a truck can sometimes be put in a shelter in a garage.

How to increase your RV tire’s lifespan

You can increase the lifespan of your RV tire in many ways. You can keep them clean by washing them with water and soap.  You can also increase the longevity of your recreational vehicle’s tire by using your tire cover to cover it when the vehicle is not being used. You can also rotate your RV’s tires from time to time when not in use. 

You should also remove excess weight from the tires when they are not being used and you have parked it or do not plan to use it. You must also park them in a dry place because water can leak into the tires and damage it permanently.

You should also keep your tire inflated to the maximum cold pressure level to protect it from damage. It is not also very difficult to take good care of your RV tires. You can easily take good care of them by buying tools such as valve extenders and an accurate RV tire gauge.

How to know which RV tire to buy?

Whenever you go to buy yourself RV tires, you should always check for tire tread depth, tire wear, and damage. You should also check for sidewall tire cracks and also dot code on the tire. The dot code represents the date the tire was made. You should buy tires that are as fresh from the factory as possible. 

It is understood that tires that are over 5 years old have a higher tendency to fail.  


How many miles can RV tires last?

RV tires can go for on average at least 10,000 miles but sometimes it can go for almost 20,000 miles.

What can be the cost of replacing RV tires?

The cost of replacing each RV tire can be USD 200 to USD 350.

How many years can an RV tire last?

An RV tire can last for as far as 6 to 10 years before needing replacement. Though it is recommended to be replaced after 5 years. As the chance of failing greatly increases after that.

Does Walmart sell RV tires?

Yes, you can buy RV tires from Walmart.

Where to find the best RV tires?

You can find a variety of different types of RV tires from any truck tire shop. It is most likely that any truck tire dealer will have the widest selection of tires including those needed and used for recreational vehicles.


Although it is now clear how often RV tires should be replaced (between 5 -10 years), you should also remember that this can vary according to your use and the weight your RV tire is carrying. We have added a lot of tips on how to have a safe recreational adventure by keeping your RV tires in good condition and replacing them when necessary. 

We hope this article has helped you out and cleared all of the questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by. 

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