3 Reasons You Should Start Full time RVing Now

3 Reasons You Should Start Full time RVing Now

The number of people craving to hit the high-ways and travel the world expands like a world-size ever-stretching canvas. Still, young people seem to come up with all the excuses to blindfold their world-traveling desires, such as I can’t resign from my day job. I can’t leave my mother and father behind. I’m too young to face the unknown. I’m too young to step into the unfamiliar. And as you can see, it’s not the excuses but the fear that’s stopping them from living their adventurous dreams. And what’s even sadder is that they promise themselves that they would go RVing after they retire. There are many reasons that you should start full time RVing now instead of waiting, but we will focus on 3 today.

In reality, there are many ways to earn an income online or while traveling. If you decide that you want to travel in an RV full time, here is a post I wrote on 5 ways to earn an income on the road.

Retirement doesn’t only mean earning money by ceasing to work. It also means being old. And as an old person, you won’t be able to do a tenth of the things that you could do as a young adult. If your only desire – when it comes to RVing – is to sit behind the steering wheel, eat food, and sleep – then, yes, do it after you retire or whenever you want. But if you think otherwise, and know that RVing holds more wonders than just driving a motorhome or hauling a fifth-wheel trailer, then pay attention to all the benefits of living in an RV.

1 – Complete Freedom

Complete Freedom - 3 Reasons You Should Start Full time RVing Now

When you live in a house, if you don’t like your neighborhood, the only possible way to move away from it – is to buy or rent a new house at another location. There is no other way.

Living in an RV is different. You have the option to choose and do whatever you want. And that doesn’t mean staying alone for the whole time.

If you start living in an RV, you’ll get familiar with so many famous RV locations where you’ll meet so many other RV couples, families, or individuals. And that can be a good thing. But if you don’t like the neighborhood, you can start the engine and move away from it as far as you want. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is gasoline.

The same refers to the environmental surroundings. You don’t like the view? Find a better one. Explore the world. After all, that’s what RV is all about – making an adventure out of your life.

2 – It Makes Every Day Count

It Makes Every Day Count - 3 Reasons You Should Start Full time RVing Now

Unlike the normal life, where you make ends meet, and where you hardly have any time to do fun or adrenaline-raising things, the RV offers you the whole time in the world.

You can do whatever you desire. Go hiking. Do camping. Explore forests. Take a bike and enjoy some of the most eye-appealing bike-trails that you didn’t know even exist. Park your RV near a theme park and have some fun. Do all the things that you have missed doing in your life – just because you were busy or stuck in the claws of the rut.

RV living is something you’d be proud to rhapsodize about.


It's easy to travel - 3 Reasons You Should Start Full time RVing Now

Imagine yourself going on a trip – and just when things get most exciting – you have to go back home. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But if you’re enjoying an RV lifestyle, something like this won’t ever happen. Full-time RVing is like bringing your whole house with you wherever you go. You don’t need to pack and unpack bags. Everything is with you. And the panic of having forgotten something would be nothing but a faint memory of your unadventurous past.

Making the decision to start full time RVing now instead of waiting was one of the best decisions we made. We love getting to spend time together as a family and seeing different places. I hope that these reasons you should start full time RVing now help you decide if you should start now or wait until you retire.

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