The RV Choice Guide: Which RV is Right for You?

Traveling by RV is a resurging trend among the campers nowadays. They offer you all the comfort and privacy of your very own home, alongside the liberation and excitement of the open road.

Now, if you are looking to buy a new RV, then options available in the market will surely make your head spin. With the variety of options available in the market, you’re probably asking yourself which RV is right for me?

So, we did hours of research for you and came up with a list of the best RVs in every category of RV that you can buy. We’ve also added tons of other miscellaneous information to help you better understands your purchase.

If you don’t have the time to read through the whole article then we would suggest that you go for the Winnebago Revel which is a Class B motorized RV. It has a spacious interior and is packed with all the features you need for an RV. This RV has the four-wheel-drive that allows you to drive in the dangerous terrain safely without breaking a sweat.

The RV’s in our list- 

  1. Newmar Dutch Star (Best Class A RV)
  2. Winnebago Revel (Best Class B RV)
  3. Coach House Platinum III 250 ST (Best Class C RV)
  4. Keystone Montana (Best Fifth Wheel RV)
  5. Airstream Flying Cloud (Best Travel Trailer)

Best RVs To Buy Right Now

1. Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar Dutch Star is a titan-sized RV that is perfect for campers who are looking for spacious interior in their RV. It comes with 15 different floor plans ranging from 37 to 43 feet long.

This RV is packed with features like Polar Pak R19 insulation on the roof to Bermuda glazed maple hardwood cabinets, rear hitch for towing cars, and with all the kitchen, entertainment, plumbing and bath facilities that can rival a traditional house. On top of that, it has a large number of upgrades and expansions available. All this makes this RV the best in its class.


  • RV Type: Class A Motorhome
  • Engine: 8.9-Liters V-6 turbo diesel
  • Chassis: Freightliner XC-Series
  • Horsepower: 450 hp 
  • GVWR: 51,000 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 37 to 43 feet
  • Exterior Height w/AC: 13 feet


  • Wheelchair Lift: The power opening wheelchair lift at the entrance door makes sure disability can’t hold back anyone from going camping.
  • Foam Insulation: 5/8” foam insulation laminated in sidewalls and ceiling protects you from harsh weather. 


  • Spacious living areas
  • Massive storage space
  • Best entertainment facilities


  • Expensive to buy compared to other RVs
  • Difficult to drive on the road
  • Difficult to find parking space
  • Some states in the USA may require a special permit for large size RVs

2. Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel is equipped with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis along with 4-wheel drive, making it possible to drive in extreme terrains without breaking a sweat. This RV is designed to keep the outdoor adventures in mind. The interior of the RV is very efficiently designed.

The living space has arrangements for up to 4 people with a folding table at the center and a single cabinet along with a fixed closet. The two-cockpit seat rotates towards the living area. The cooking appliance is a single electric single burner induction cooker with a refrigerator at the bottom. The bathroom is larger compared to other Class B RVs.


  • RV Type: Class B Motorhome
  • Engine: 3.0-Liters V-6 turbo diesel
  • Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Horsepower: 188 hp 
  • GVWR: 9,050 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 19.58 feet
  • Exterior Height w/AC: 10 feet


  • Four-Wheel Drive: 4WD improves traction in dangerous driving conditions, such as snow, ice, rocks, and other scenarios that can make control difficult.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Hydronic Heating System with optional Coleman®-Mach® 10 NDQ air conditioner to keep you comfortable and cozy.


  • Affordable
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Fuel and repair costs are affordable


  • Limited storage

3. Coach House Platinum III 250 ST

The Coach House Platinum III offers a premium design and luxury for life on the open roads. It has a unique one-piece molded fiberglass shell that is mounted on the Ford Transit chassis. This RV has two floor plans, either with a convertible table or sofa bed options. Both floor plans are 25 and a half feet long.

The bathroom is at the rear of the vehicle, with two twin beds and a full galley kitchen. The interior is packed with modern amenities like an in-dash GPS, backup video camera with a color monitor, a 32-inch flat-panel HD TV with a swing arm. All this makes this Class C rig unlike any other.


  • RV Type: Class C Motorhome
  • Engine: 3.5 Liters EcoBoost V-6 gas engines
  • Chassis: Ford Transit 3500 Chassis
  • Horsepower: 306 hp
  • GVWR: 10,360 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 25 feet 6 inch
  • Exterior Height w/AC: 10 feet 5 inch


  • Durability: One-piece hand-laid fiberglass shell reinforced with carbon fiber makes the RV extremely durable.


  • Sufficient external storage space
  • Premium build quality


  • Only two-floor plans available

4. Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana is the most sold fifth wheel RV in the world.  This fifth wheel has most of the accommodation available in a small home. This RV is great for a small size family. The living space has a queen-size bed and plenty of storage space for your storing needs. There is also one hideaway bed that can be upgraded to two with the family package.

The shell of the vehicle is built with fiberglass and welded aluminum-frames. The kitchen is equipped with an 18-cubic-foot refrigerator and oven. It also comes with washer and dryer hook-ups and a dishwasher. 


  • RV Type: Fifth Wheel 
  • Engine: No engine (Large towable vehicle)
  • Chassis:  Depends on the vehicle used for towing
  • Horsepower:  ×
  • GVWR: 16,800 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 35 to 41 feet
  • Exterior Height w/AC: 13.33 feet


  • Floorplans: The keystone Montana has twenty floor plans available for you to choose what is suitable for you.
  • 3 years Warranty: With 3 years structural warranty, the keystone ensures its top quality. And if anything goes wrong, Keystone promises to back you up.


  • Spacious living quarters and storage space
  • Full of amenities and useful features
  • Affordable


  • Large size vehicle needed for towing
  • Can be difficult to drive for new RV owners

5. Airstream Flying Cloud

Airstream Flying Cloud is the most luxurious, spacious, and advanced small towable RVs. It comes with 14-floor plans to suit everybody’s requirements and choices. The trailer can be 23 to 30 feet long depending on the floor plan. It has a kitchen with a Furrion three-burner gas stove, built-in microwave, and removable handheld shower head in the bathroom.

The light and airy design, the advanced features, and the makes this perfect for long trips. With lots of space and amenities like a heated bathroom, handcrafted cabinet, smart control technology to adjust lights, air conditioning as well as monitoring propane, battery, tank levels from your phone. This trailer can accommodate 4 to 8 people with different floor plans. 


  • RV Type: Travel Trailer 
  • Engine: No engine (Small towable vehicle)
  • Chassis: Depends on the vehicle used for towing
  • Horsepower:  ×
  • GVWR: 8,800 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 23 to 30.92 feet
  • Exterior Height w/AC: 


  • Quietstream™ Climate Control: Quietstream climate control system automatically and quickly cools the cabin. The onboard furnace is ready for cold-weather trips, too. 
  • Retractable Awning: The retractable and durable ZipDee® awning with Sunbrella fabric is surely one of the best features you will use the most.


  • Different floor plan available
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Limited amenities


If you’ve made this far, you must be serious about buying the right RV for yourself. The most important advice we can give you is while buying your RV, take your time. Do some research. The best way is to attend the RV trade shows. Ask lots of questions to the owners, take their feedback. Eventually, you will find your answer to the question of which RV is right for me?

We’ve done our research and came up with this list which RV is best in our opinion. Hope this article will assist you to choose the right one. Thanks for stopping by.

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