Inexpensive Ways To Care For, Seal, And Repair Your RV Roof

Inexpensive Ways To Care For, Seal, And Repair Your RV Roof

Sometimes we are of the notion that RV roofs are going to last forever. However, it is not the case and water can cause lots of damage to these roofs over time. Moreover, all types of mold can likewise develop in the water damaged areas. Interestingly, water is going to expand once it freezes. This can enhance the cracks and seams on the roofs, thus causing significant damage to the roof in the long run.

For this, we can perform a couple of things:

  • Inspect the material for RV roofing much before the freezing temperature comes.
  • Make use of appropriate techniques and sealants to repair the roof quickly

All RV roofs are not the same

RV roofs have many different types of materials used on them. Each is unique and must-attend them differently. Application of the incorrect stuff can prove to be quite bothersome for us. As a rule of thumb, never use any product on the RV intended for your home.

Resealing a metal RV roof

Nowadays, RV roofs are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) and TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin). Before this RV roofs were usually made of metal. Although you can seal the roof using the household roof coatings, it will be better to avoid using them.

Kool Seal for Resealing your RV Roof

Kool Seal for Resealing your RV Roof

In fact, Kool Seal will be the most effective product that you can use on the metallic roof of the RV. Kool Seal is great at sealing any minor imperfections. The white reflective coating will also aid in maintaining a cool temperature within your rig.

EternaBond Seam Tape for RV Roof Repairs

EternaBond Seam Tape for RV Roof Repairs

At times, sealing of the roof is not required; you might need to just repair it. In fact, EternaBond seam tape will be a fantastic product to repair the RV roof in the best possible way. This item will be perfect for any type of roof your RV might have. The product is available in 4-inches wide rolls which can be applied on almost any seam on the roof. You will want to ensure that no seam is present in the panels. You can do this by closely inspecting the front as well as rear caps of the roof.

There is a huge amount of torque that an RV goes through as it travels over any uneven landscape. It also happens when it is driving along the road. EternaBond seam tape is our favorite product that you can carry in the toolbox. It is great for any emergency repair (something like dedicated duct tape). It has saved our butt on more than one occasion. Nothing is worse than having a random leak turn up in your RV while it is raining! If one does, apply some EternaBond after the rain has stopped. There is no need to worry about it anymore.

To apply the EternaBond seam tape, you will want to clean the damaged roof material. After it’s cleaned, peel the protective cellophane off and press the tape on top of the damage. Once it is down, it will not be possible to peel it up to reposition it. Because of this, it is of prime importance to make the placement correct the very first time. You will want to use a roller or something to make sure all the bubbles are out.

Other roof sealer types

Some specific caulk products can be used for spot fixes. Flow Seal happens to be a semi-liquid item which is available in a caulk having the shape of a tube. It can be applied either dry or wet over a seam, and it is going to self-level over the region to create a rubber-like pad. This will be great for fixing any gap close to the windows.

In conclusion, it is very important to maintain your RV roof from time to time. In this way, you can expect the roofing materials to serve you for years together.

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