What Virtual Assistants Do and Why It’s A Great RV Life Job?

So, you want to live an adventurous RV life. But unless you’re a Dubai prince or princess you also have to make money while doing it. You searched for jobs that suit your adventurous lifestyle and come across the term virtual assistant. You’re probably wondering what virtual assistants do?

A Virtual Assistant(VA) is also recognized as a virtual personal assistant or personal administrative assistant. He or she is an individual who offers a wide variety of clerical assistance to customers from a remote position. 

It starts with managing events, scheduling appointments, and digital marketing tasks and ends with the client’s personal duties. A client can make a virtual assistant do about anything.

You will get a complete guide about virtual assistants in this article. Like the virtual assistant’s primary jobs, how to get a virtual assistant’s  job, how to be a good VA, how to manage,  payment structure of VA,  and many more.

Who Is A Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Virtual assistants (VA) are usually self-employed people and offer professional secretarial, creative, or technological support to customers remotely from home.  

A virtual assistant’s task might differ depending on the client’s requirement, but some typical responsibilities can be anticipated. The majority of the virtual assistants offer support to their clients regarding the following tasks:

  • Schedule and Calendar management.
  • Travel planning.
  • Document and File organization.
  • Email organizing and monitoring.
  • Directing and Answering calls.
  • Accounting and Billing activities.
  • Maintaining and Writing records.
  • Managing partnerships, projects, potential clients, etc.
  • Updating and maintaining the client’s professional and social media profile.

As a large portion of a virtual assistant’s tasks is done by computer, superb typing skills and knowledge of various computer programs are mandatory.

Some General Skills Virtual Assistants (VA) Require:

  • Multitasking
  • Excellent oral communication skills.
  • Right spelling and grammar skills.
  • Expertise in MS Office programs, such as Word and Excel.
  • The familiarity of some platforms, like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Good skill in web research.

A few customers may require previous experience, but many won’t.

How To Be a Good Virtual Assistant (VA)?

The job as a VA is an excellent option for someone looking for a remote job to match their RV lifestyle. Also, the concept of being “own boss” and spending some extra time for yourself is now a real need for many people. 

As you’re liberated to do your job remotely, you could work from your RV while roaming worldwide. The only things you require is a good internet connection and a personal phone line.

Before jumping directly into the virtual assistant job, a few things are there you need to remember.

1. Decide on what you are going to offer

Deciding on services to be offered can be critical for new virtual assistants. If you can’t expressly state what you are going to provide, many clients may overlook you in favor of another less qualified candidate who meets their job requirements.

So, start by defining your skill sets and how those will help.

2. Determine Your Service policy

The next step is to determine your virtual assistant job structure and policy. Are you offering full-time work? Are you offering part-time work? 

This step is essential as it will help determine the type of tasks you will take on.

3. Fix Your Payment Rate

The most attractive benefit of a VA (virtual assistant) job is that you can fix your own remuneration.

Few things to remember while fixing your pay rate are:

  • If you’re living in the US, you need to pay a self-employment tax.
  • You will not get any additional benefits here, like medical, house rent, insurance, etc.
  • You also have some fixed costs like high-speed internet connection and web maintenance, etc.

A smart way to begin is to fix a rate of 25% more than the regular job. It will help to bear these expenditures.

4. Build Up a Professional Website

If you’re determined about taking your virtual assistantship as a permanent profession, it’s a good idea to build up your own website. It will give your job a more professional look. In the VA industry, professionalism means dependability.

5. Start Creating Professional Network

The key to success for a VA is an excellent professional Network. You have to create good connections over the virtual assistant (VA) industry to be continuously hired. 

6. Search Jobs in Freelance Marketplaces

This step is considered to be last because you will find huge competitors there. While freelance markets are still helpful, there are a lot of candidates there to show up. You are going be one of the hundreds of candidates clients are searching for a job.

VA’s Payment Structure in the Present Market

It’s quite challenging to determine the exact pay rate of VA, as they offer a great variety of range. New VA’s offer a much lower rate to attract buyers, while experienced virtual assistants may charge a higher rate.

The PayScale of present freelance marketplace shows a different range of rates for virtual assistants, considering their skills, experiences, industry, and customers.

The median annual payment rate is around $36,272. A virtual assistant’s pay may range from $10to $25 in the current freelance market on an hourly job. 

Why Is It An Excellent RV Life Job?

Modern technology allows people to work remotely while living out their dream to travel the world in an RV. The lifestyle can bring you exceptional rewards in terms of personal and financial levels if you become a successful VA.

Let’s discover what it’s like to do a job remotely on the RV and spot its benefits for you.

1. Live Your Dream RV life

As a VA, you are available to earn from anywhere; everything can be done remotely from your RV. the provided work do not need you to be at the physical location. If you want to do your job remotely while living an RV life, simply ask your boss if possible and continue with your current job.

2. Enjoy a More Flexible Schedule

You can set the schedule to be suitable for your particular needs. With lots of VA jobs, you may have to log into the client’s profile to make yourself visible and then work until you are done, then log out. The degree of flexibility in the schedule as a VA is great for your RV lifestyle. 

3. No More 9 to 5

Having no specific time schedule you don’t have to follow a 9 to 5 routine working as a Virtual assistant. Travel around and go on adventures. Just perform your VA duties when necessary from your RV. This makes being a virtual assistant the dream job for any travel junkie. 

4. Choose Your Own Pay

A virtual assistant’s job is basically freelancing. So, you can charge whatever you like. Provided that you can separate yourself from the hordes of other people trying for the same job, you can earn a hefty amount being a VA.


Make that dream of permanent RV living in your campervan a reality by finding a virtual assistant’s job that suits your lifestyle and interest.

Hope you got the answer to what do virtual assistants do. As a VA, your purpose is to help your client grow their businesses, but don’t forget to build up your own career. If you don’t care about your job, satisfaction and growth are usually the two primary things to suffer.

Hope this article was helpful for anyone looking to become a virtual assistant to fuel their adventurous lifestyle. Wishing you the best of luck. Thanks for stopping by. 

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